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A work of art by Core Architects for premier builders Lifetime Developments, XO Condos will rise 14 and 17 storeys high at 1182 & 1221 King St. West at Dufferin Street, introducing a new type of high-end living to an already trendy neighbourhood.

The 17 storey tower will rise from the northeastern area of King and Dufferin, with accommodations in 408 elegantly designed units, crafted to appease even the choosiest prospective residents. 

To the southwest, the smaller but equally aesthetically pleasing 14 storey tower is a beauty to behold and it boasts 293 units. Altogether, prospective residents will have 701 luxury suites to choose from; offered as one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom options. A quick elevator ride will bring tenants to the retail units on both buildings.

The condo is a masterpiece from the masterminds of property development in the Toronto region. Preserving the rich 19th century historical remnants of Liberty Village, they’ve partnered with Core Architects to craft an aesthetically sound residence with tiny notes of the area’s roots.

It’s a representation of the area’s strong heritage that is coupled with the boldness of contemporary living, designed in a manner that seemingly blends with the small town charm of its location. XO Condo comes elegantly dressed up in the finest amenities for prospective tenants’ enjoyment, in a community that already offers a remarkable array of conveniences.

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Industry veterans with a lifetime of accomplishments and an array of amazingly crafted residences, Lifetime Development has been the brains behind the development of several residential projects that represent new landmarks of innovative design and architecture.

Their consistency in selecting neighbourhoods that are poised to flourish, and then consequently initiate the birth of revolutionary urban communities, is commendable. The company continues to remain steadfast as one of the principal builders in Toronto’s residential scene with a genius partnership with core architects for the creation of XO.

Core Architects has used their creative insight and architectural ingenuity on the development of more than 150 residences, 50 of which decorate the neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. Like Lifetime Developments, Core Architects has fostered the creation of numerous projects; including hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, sports clubs, and more.

Lifetime Developments have continued to shine with their experience of over three decades. With their refined quality of buildings, they continue on the ladder of success. Essentially, they are regarded as one of the pioneers standing alone in the entire real estate industry of Toronto. They continue to apply their own benchmarks to their building creations. With dynamic urban communities to showcase, they remain at the top of their game. With a depth and insight into the future, they continue to transform neighborhoods as they build. With their extensive growth and developmental plans, they have succeeded in creating bustling communities filled with joy and happiness. With XO Condos, they continue their stride to create wonderful masterpieces of a building.

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